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2018 SPTC Staff

Who’s Working At the SPTC This Summer – Get To Know Your Staff 

Here is a quick overview of some of the employees who will be working at the SPTC this summer.  Of interest is the fact that most of our employees from last summer are returning again this season.   In addition to the following people, we also have several who are starting to work at the club as “Substitute Lifeguards” and a good group of “Wannabes”.   “Wannabes” are 15 year olds who have obtained their Lifeguard Certification and will gradually be trained and brought into our mix of employees. 

William Godfrey - C0-Head Maintenance/Lifeguard - William will be a Junior at Marquette University and is in his 5th year of work at the SPTC. "Wild-Willie" was a long-time member of the SPTC swimming team where he was awarded the annual "Coaches Award" a record number of times. 

Matthew Nicholson - Co-Head Maintenance/Lifeguard - 5th year working at the SPTC and is now a Junior at the University of Minnesota School of Business.  .  Matthew was a 10 year member of the SPTC swimming and diving teams. 

Anne Dillon - Head Lifeguard - Annie will be a Senior this Fall at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse majoring in secondary education.  This is her 5th year working at the SPTC.

Liz Strom - Lifeguard 

Flannery Brown - Lifeguard

Thea Cox - Diving Coach, Lifeguard

Tor Cox - Lifeguard/Asst. Swim Coach

Rory King - Lifeguard/Maintenance

Grace Regala - Lifeguard/Swim Instructor

Zach Schuster - Lifeguard/Maintenance

Charlotte Tuttle - Lifeguard

Emily Hite - Lifeguard/Swim Instructor/Asst. Swim Coach

David Grundmeier - Lifeguard/Maintenance