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Tennis Registration Form

*Forms are needed for non-member registrations ONLY.

Non-SPTC members only: Print this page and bring to club with full payment made out to Greg Hiers on the first day you come for drills.                                                



Participant Name: ________________________________________________

Program Name: __________________________________________________

Session and/or Dates: ____________________________________________ 

Email Address (REQUIRED): _______________________________________

Participant's Age (juniors only) : __________

Emergency Contact Phone #: ______________________________________

Amount Enclosed: $_____________

Waiver of Liability:

I hereby agree to specifically assume all risk of injury to me and/or dependents while participating in any St Paul Tennis Club programming.  I hereby waive any and all claims or actions I may have against St Paul Tennis Club, Greg Hiers and/or the staff tennis pros as a result of such injury.

________________________________________    Date: ______________

Signature of participant or parent/guardian if a minor