It’s been a long year, and spring is finally here!

Look for the faces shown below. This is the staff for the summer 2021 season. Some are familiar faces while some are new. All are here to make your 2021 Saint Paul Tennis Club season the best it can be!

Gary Grey Club Manager, Swim Coach
Greg Hiers
Tennis Pro
Cason Hiers
Assistant Tennis Pro
Emily Hite, Head Lifeguard, Swim Coach
Rory King, Head Maintenance, Swim Coach
Tor Cox
Sally Hite
Leila Khalid
Gavin Kimmel
Zack Schuster
Thea Cox, Diving Coach
Sara Browne
Sam Wachlarowicz
Mac Brown
Andrew Woodage
AJ Hite
Josie Hiers
Fred Myers
Lindsay Browne
Maverick Wolff

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