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Today's Hours - 6a to 9p  
Tennis Rules of Play

Tennis Court Hours

Courts open at 7:30 am and close at dusk. The courts are closed 3:30-4:00 pm daily for grooming.

Greg or Lisa will determine when the courts are in condition for play, and when the footwear or dress of a player is inappropriate. The courts may be closed for maintenance by Greg or Lisa

Members must reserve courts using the online reservation system and must register all tennis guests from the time courts open in April until close in October.

Only the Tennis Director, Greg Hiers and the Tennis Pros he employs are permitted to give lessons unless given permission Greg:


  • Can only be made by members.
  • Can be made for a maximum playing time of 1.5 hours.
  • Can be made for any time the courts are open for play, except when the time conflicts with club sponsored events.
  • Can be made up to three days prior to the day of play.
  • Must be made within the stated morning and evening court block times.
  • Can be made for more than one court time per day only if play for the first time is completed before reserving the next.
  • One court per single membership and two per family membership may be reserved.
  • Courts should be opened up on the court reservation system if not being used as a courtesy to other members.
  • A reserved court will be made available for another member if it is not being used within 15 minutes of the  reservation start time.
  • Please reserve courts with no time between yours and the previous reservation or the next one. This will allow for more available court time for other members.

Priority Use of the Courts
The Tennis Professional staff has priority use of court 4.
Unless a lesson/drill is canceled the day before, the member will be charged for that lesson/drill slot if it can not be filled.

If courts are not being used during a particular program they will be made available on the court reservation system. Check flyers or website for Club-sponsored events that will reserve all courts.

Juniors may reserve courts from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday and anytime on the weekends. At all other times, juniors must yield to adult members if requested to do so.

Court Rules

  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere on club grounds.
  • Wait until a point is completed prior to walking past a court.
  • Wait outside the fence until your court is available to play on.
  • Only reserve court 4 if courts 1-3 are already booked (unless you will be playing with a total beginner and want to draw divider nets).


*These policies apply from when courts open in April to when they close in October.

  • A guest is anyone who does not reside with the member holding a Family Membership. Therefore,  guests include children of the Family Member who are not part of the member’s household.
  • It is the policy of the Club that, while guests are welcome, the courts should be available to members as much as possible and to encourage members to play with other members.
  • Guests are permitted any time the courts are not reserved for members-only events.
  • Members must register their guests using the court reservation system.
  • Guests must play on the same courts as their member hosts.
  • The tennis guest fee is $15 plus sales tax.
  • No courts can be reserved for private parties.

Dress Code
Proper tennis attire is required. Shirts and smooth-soled tennis shoes must be worn at all times. Running, hiking, or any other shoes with deep grooves are not permitted as they will damage the courts.

Lightning Policy When the pool is closed due to lifeguards hearing lightning, junior players will be asked to leave the courts as well. However, adults will only be asked to leave the courts when lightning is visible and/or close.